The unseen depths

"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"

I want to focus on two words, "my" and "why".


Jesus spent his whole life devoted to doing God the father's will. Even before Jesus's life on earth, he spent his whole timeless existence in a perfect relationship with the Father. From the perspective of Jesus the father is his whole world. Indicated by the lack of complaints about the bodily pain or the abandonment of his people.

The Trinity split! Hell is described as a place of abandonment, the source of life turns away never to look back again. Jesus was in the worst place possible! He had the most to lose and he lost it completely. Imagine the closest person/people in your life gone for ever, This is a shadow of Jesus's infinite suffering.


This last cry of Jesus has been prepared for him and written by the old testament King David in psalms 22. It describes the events of the crucifixion with alarming accuracy. Jesus knew exactly what was happening! This isn't a question, this is a quote. Even in death of all deaths he obediently fulfills the plan to bring us into the unity of the trinity.


This day we celebrate Jesus victory over such death, the completion of his sacrifice. Our sins are replaced by the merits of Jesus! Mercy, is not getting what we deserve but grace is getting what we don't deserve, the merits of Jesus. So lets live in awe of what we do not deserve yet have in spite of ourselves.


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