Hope, for what?

In the last few weeks i've been been pestered by this feeling of hopelessness. I'm going to be 29 this year and the passage of time will team up with my disability will surely confine me. Despite my best attemps to be optimistic Pesimism and honest realism can really paint a bleak picrture. I was trying to figure out where God's goodness is in my mortal future. There's no earning anything from God and we certainly don't have rights before God. The kicker is, we tend to shine the brightest when the heat is on. Why would God make me super successful and comfortable, when it could, and probably would, corrupt our character? See, bleak...

What am i hopeing for? comfort, a good future, or just good things in general. Why? So that I can live at peace, with purpose and fullfilment. There are many "I"s in there...

It's bleak because it's all about me! My comfort,my joy, my fulfillment, and my success! Of course God won't support that, it backwards. We know the purpose of all creation is to bring glory to god. If i'm craving fulfilling success, it can be found in glorifying the Lord, Jesus Christ. In fact, it can only be found there.

God will fulfill every hope we have that lines up with our purpose. Is there anything better than having hope met? What does this look like? For me it looks like having a well met purpose to my life, i want to be excellent at the thing i'm made to do. I want my purpose to be meaningful, i don't want to sit underneath the stairs making sure all square blocks don't fit round holes. I want to know i am and will be safe from the thing that hurt, namely death and pain. I don't want to be alone, and i want to see God's glory shine here in our time.  All those hopes will be upheld, they will be guarded and secured by the promises of the Almighty. So now, all of a sudden i am invinsible! What can phase me if death itself is inverted to a doorway to heaven?

Pain doesn't just have some nebulous purpose, it is the most powerful tool way have to bring glory to God!


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