Day 1 Oct 13

Well hopefully this will be the beggining of something I do everyday. I like writting and some of the people closest to me have encouraged me to write daily. The thing I wounder about is, why do I want to write stuff for everyone to see if they want to. Most people want to be all private, i seem to have the exact opposite pull. I just really want to be known I guess.

Today is Monday, meaning prayer group is tonight. I have grown to truly look forward to the time with my friends before the throne of God. Fantasy seems to meet reality there, i figure it's the most meaningful hing i do all week.

Right now everything I own is a mess, and its driving me nuts! Today after this I am going to clean. Clean, organize, and fix all the way up til the prayer group. Tomorro I will ccontinue the clenly quest. I'm sync-ing my Ipod at the moment... and it's done.... and so am I.


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