Day 2 Oct 14

Yesterday: I spent something like 7 hours of doing nothing but laundry. I did get it all done so i am very pleased. It's good to focus in on something like that to know I'm still capable of working hard on one thing for a long time. I think i need to do stuff like that way more often. Regretfully I found out I have been filling the bath too full whenever I take one. This is extremely bad because the overflow drain has a big crack in it, so all the water goes through the ceiling of my studio closet. That where we keep all the extra blankets, pillows, and things. So they are spread all over the studio to dry. I feel pretty bad about that. There really isn't any time when laziness is ok, or so says this situation anyway. The prayer group didn't meet last night, everyone had stuff they were doing at 7, Nathan thought he could come later but i called it off. I felt like a break was a good idea, i still had mounds of laundry to fold. I am beginning to feel bad, we've been taking more and more breaks all of which are at my suggestion. I think i need to come to the Lord during the day and ask him to search my heart, make sure I'm doing this correctly.

Today: I have reading to do for class today. I'm only going to do what will be quizzed on today so that I can focus on finishing organizing my room and hopefully get started on the office. I almost didn't write today, fortunately I got an email from blogger saying one of my blogs may be a spammers blog, thus reminding me to write. I am kinda worried about tomorrow and how I'm going to remember. I need to get going again with my shoulder exercises again, i haven't done them in 4 days and I'm feeling it. I also need to do exercises for my legs. Most importantly i need to get quiet time in today. Remember let tomorrow worry about itself, today has enough troubles.


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