Day 5 Oct 17 - Music in the Night

Ok, I plunged happily into bed at 11:30, I had a bad headeche and the dark was soothing to me eyes. The only noise i could hear was the soft pleasant sound of the fan in the hallway, the sheets felt so soft on my hands. I was happy, yet surprisingly wide awake. I passed time by talking with God untill a song started tricling into my head. It started small and barely noticable, but time brought it on full and strong. All it could do is hear this song, it was all i could hear. It was a strange guitar solo, mysterious and sad sounding. Around 1 AM i decided to sneak off to the studio and attemp to capture the song. My mind is such that it is almost impossible for it o remember melodies or a song in general, granted there are a few exceptions. However if I wanted to hear that melody ever again, i had to capture it. Well around 2 AM i was looking at this song on my computer, feeling pretty good about the accomplishment. It's far from exactly what i heard in my head, butt the idea is clearly there. I was back in bed like 2:10 and went to sleep , finally, at 3 AM.

I feel great today, excited to tacle the things befor me to do. I also am looking forward to being in the studio today. I'm going to touch up my song Soothe for iTunes, it'll be my first ever album! Today i want to accomplish doing my excersises twice and haveing a quiet time today. It will be a very good day if i can pull those off.


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