Day 6 Oct 18 - Discipline?

Well i'm not quite sure what to write about, not for a lack of stuff, but for an abundance of it. I woke up today feeling quite stressed and frustrated. I think it all revolves around this shocking lack of discipline in my life. Yep, the more i think about it, the more it becomes appearant.

How does one go about learning discipline? It's definately more than just self-restraint, it has to be the triumph of the will over the nature i guess. Hey that means i'm not as willful as i should be, that's ironic. Man I used to be THE most willful kid around, just ask my family.

Ok, so how does some one go about getting more willpower? Hows that for a wierd question? I just have to focus on the Lord, just walk with Him. I guess I could just ask Him for it daily.

Our walk with the Lord is the very purpose of our existance, that's it! All we have to do i focus on our relationship with him. I forgot. The strange thing is that i said as much to a good friend only hours ago. It's scary how word can be so thoughtful and thoughtless at the sametime.

Anyway, no matter what, God is good and His grace is enough!


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