Day 7 Oct 19 - Music

I'm pretty sure I spent close to 7 hours yesterday on my song, Soothe. I finished it, something like 3 years ago. It took two years to write, granted, i got stuck and frusterated with for almost a whole year. I did the whole thing entirly on my (musical) keyboard's sequencer, this is pretty uncommon. The song i have on Facebook and Myspace is only a recording straight from the keyboard, which was good enough.

I had a brainwave about a week ago, I could put Soothe on iTunes! Unfortunately the file is in the wrong format and the song is too quiet due to way i recorded it. Thus the 7 hours spent on it yesterday. Not like it's done or anything, but it sounds WAY WAY better already.

There are some technical knitpickings that i didn't attend to before, and a few places that just don't flow properly. That's today's work! I have a perfectionist side to me, it seems to only come out when i'm writing music. Honestly, it's the best feeling in the world sitting there and crafting this... thing. Getting to intimately know each note in the song, every beat, and every chord.

When i get finished this thing, it will be the best it has ever been, hopefully by far. I mean privately, it brings me such joy and a strong sence of accomplishment. Is that wierd? It kinda seems a bit odd to me. In some ways i guess that's why I get so nervious showing others, because everyone has opinions totally independant of mine. Oh well.


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