Day 8 Oct 20 - A smashing beginning to the week

Well this is the first day of this week.I feel a certain sence of impending accomplishment, because i've been successful thus far in writing daily. It's becoming something I look forward to, and something i think about throughout the day. I'm doing my best to take steps towards being discipline.

The weekend was filled with hours of music, I tried my best to finish it, but i wasn't able to. I got caught up in all the different possible drum patterns. Even the drums aren't quite right6 yet. Iv can't wait to get down there again today. Unfortunately my studio is right next to my Mom's piano teaching studio, and she teaches during the week.

It looks like I may be getting into trading again. If i can make money this time with it I will be very pleased. The system i'm looking at seems very hopeful. I've done three years of trading right out of high school. I've experienced both extremes, it can be very stressful and confusing if you don't know what you're doing. It can be more stressful and confusing if you think you know what you're doing and yet still losing money. We'll see how it goes this time.

Today start was very interesting, Dan and I had breakfast together. As always we come back to my place and play a couple rounds of the original super smash brother for the Nintendo 64. It's alway a fierce battle of wit and finger dexterity, a battle which dan has grown accostumed to barely sqeaking out victorious. I write the piece of degrading nonsence because i lost a stupid bet, i don't know why i always go for duch one sided bets. This match was particularly frustrating because it was so stinkin close. He had three live and i had one, I came back and got him down to one life also. To no avail though..... It would've been so awesome if i won that one match! Stpid ridiculously fun game!


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