Single word musings and weddings


What if that was my whole blog? "stuff..." Like nothing else but that. I wonder if anyone could anything into that? It would obviously be the most insightful blog i would ever write! But because to the mass media and the poporazzi that would surely flock to me and everyone i know... i think i'll write normal blogs. I know i write the one word blog right before i die, that way i won't have to witness the global impact it would have.

Anyway, Alex (one of my best friends) is getting maarried saturday. He decided to be daring and live life on the edge, i'm his best man. I'm kinda expecting the world to end saturday. Na, it'll be one of the most wonderful thing i have ever been a part of. Friday will be the day i practice taking a ring out of my pocket. Hey I'll be The Lord of The Ring...

So i have decided to take now till the new year off from the prayer group. However i'm starting it off with a bang, I got a pastor friend of mine to agree to come every other week, maybe also encouraging his congregation (a bunch of my friends) to come too. I just gotta figure out a way to better acomodate efcc.


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