Uncertainty vs Certainty

I am writing this from Bethal Seminary in San Diego. I just got out of my survey of Hebrews through Revelation class, today was all about the interpretation of Revelation. My Dad has always said something that bothered me. He said, "there have been many Christian who have lost there faith at Seminary". Understandibly not all semenaries are equal, but still how can this be?

I never really thought to ask the question, but i'm now looking at the answer. Knowledge is a strange thing, the old addage "ignorance is bliss" is really quite true. Well to a point. It seems to me the Bible and all its interpretation can swallow one whole, like a tidal wave. Not quite everything is challanged but almost.  You must ask, " why do i think the Bible is saying one thing when it might be saying something else?" and the sheer magnitude of the implications of these interppretations are just overwhelming.

The Bible speaks of the shield of faith, i absolutely love this metaphor. I figure the shield is made up of facts that no one can convince you otherwise, and that are just flat out true. The people my Dad told me of must not have had a shield. The enemy works to brak up our stronghold, and he uses truth slightly tainted with lies to do that. So where ever we are, at Semenary, at church, at home, or where ever else, we must always have the trusty shield polished and ready

I believe the Bible speaks of this where it says "test all things by the spirit", and in Hebrews it talks about milk and meat. Meat is not as easy to eat as milk it, one must go kill the animal it comes from, clean it, trim the fat, and season it. After he cooks it, it is only then ready to eat. Being here has definately opened my eyes to how much i don't know, and how good it would be to know the things i don't know.


  1. The shield of Faith, part of the whole armor of God, the part to hold up against the firery arrows of doubt, discouragement, sadness, anger, fear, and the list goes on, if we could only grasp the truth of God's love for us.....


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