It dawned on me that relationships with people are the single most fulfilling and most wonderful thing in my life. I absolutely love the people i'm around, i call them my people.

Anyway I have been listening to The Shack by William Young, and it talks about all kinds of relationships, even the relationship between the Trinity. though I haven't yet figured out if i fully agree with everything it says about the equality of the roles they play, I do agree that they have perfect fulfillment within that relationship. That is, for all eternity before creation they existed together. All power spread between three unique persons in one being without limits and without the lack of perfect goodness.

Our existence came into being so we can choose to enter into that relationship. So, our whole entire existence, is, for the sole purpose of relating! To me, this is just totally mind bending. Our whole world and all we do in it is possible so we can choose between relating with God or not. Granted relating with God takes many forms, many of which i'm sure i'll never understand.

I'll admit, i never really focused on visualizing how the relationship would actually be within the trinity. It never occured to me to think about it. The Bible make it clear that it and a whole bunch of other stuff is way beyond the scope of any human imagination, so this story only expands what i can consider about it. I find this story so amazing simply because i have never considered anything like this before.

The story suggest the relationship is childlike, yet whole in perfect wisedom and respect. I like that! Thinking about it makes me want to partake in something like that. From what I know of the character of God, it'll be so exciting and wonderful. It'll be exactly perfect!

My point in writing this is this, I wanna draw closer toward perfection in my relationships with people around me now. This, of course requires my relationship with God to thrive and flourish. We even have an active example, God, and the other two of the One loves each of us perfectly right now. Just think, no embarassment, no awkwardness, no fear, no agendas no comparison or pain. Just relation out of naked love for another being. I feel a pull towards this kind of existance, this is my heart's desire. I think we can get a whole lot closer to this kind of relating with eachother! I think this is all very possible, just as possible as my survival of the accident, or the next breath you're gonna take. Anything is possible through Christ who strengthens me Philippians 4:13

God is good!


  1. Hey Jonathan-
    I read "The Shack" too, a couple times actually. I found oh-so appealing the way the relationships were described in the book. Even if some of the things might have been questionable, I still found myself very drawn to the relationship aspect of the Trinity depicted there. As I read it, it made me evaluate the current state of my relationship with God and challenged me to make a few changes. I like that it prodded me forward to take my relationship with God to the next level. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Good stuff, Dunky!

  2. for all you shack lovers... Bethel is hosting a event called "Shack Chat"

    I am guessing that you guys would like it.

  3. Having better honest relationships with people is always a good thing. :)


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