The fear of the Lord

The prevailing meaning of the word fear is revere, that is the reverence of the Lord. In psalms when it say, "the fear o the Lord is beginning of all wisdom " is speaking of a reverence of the Lord

            To revere some one you must, at some level, hold some kind of fear fro what they can do. So what is it that God would do to us that should cause fear in us so we can properly revere him? I think there are  three categories everything can be filed into, pain, separation, and helplessness. For Christians, we are totally saved from separation as Jesus sealed us with his sacrifice. Pain, in this case, encompasses everything that causes pain, and whether you revere God or not he will surely allow pain in life. So it seems helplessness is the thing we should fear.

            We need the spirit to guide us and to encourage us, to strengthen us and to comfort us. Otherwise we fail in all aspects of life, whether it's apparent or not. We are totally incapable of maintaining a clear perspective of our purpose on our own. If we do not have communion with the Spirit, our hope will fade and our joy will wilt.

            We have help in this life, and without that we would live for not. That is why we can revere our helper, because we need Him! It seems just like God to set a scenario like this up. An all powerful God who could shred all reality into non existance at any moment, yet we need Him to help us tie our shoe...


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