The foundation of all that is

God has given me an opportunity to talk about Him to some one the last few weeks. My goal was to simply tell them my understanding of my faith in the most logical way i could. I found myself floundering, I could not think of how to structure my statements without leaving room for a thousand whys. As i started answering the consecutive questions, i found myself going back to before the beginning of time. Thinking on the Trinity and their nature, or what i knew of their nature anyway. We know they have this perfect communion with each of the other members, and at some point they began everything. They began time, space and everything else, but why?

Why would the start something they know would hurt them so much for so long? I am convinced they decided to start this whole thing for the sake of love. The members of the Trinity perfectly loves one another and they decided to make more being who could partake in this love. Love is one of those big four letter words that require blood and sweat. Thus evil has its place, the appealing alternative. As a side note, evil cannot exist with out good while good existed for all eternity past without evil :D Anyway the point of everything is so that we as humans may love God to enter his perfect communion, or not. Evil, pain, and sin are reduced to mere pawns in the scope of eternity! Granted, God cares immensely about our lives and gives us direction. I just get a huge kick out of how small our once huge world gets when compared to the love of our eternal God!!!


  1. Its been awhile since you've posted anything-glad to see you're writing posts again :)
    Good thoughts-definitely worth thinking about and spending time with God over. Thanks for sharing your reflections and prayers!


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