I was talking, on Facebook chat,  to a friend today who had never communicated with me through text. She had only known me face to face. It dawned on me that I have not dealt with the issue that it is much easier to read what i mean than hear what i say. A few years into high school, i was constantly on some chat room. I realized that people could get a basic understanding of who i really am without any of the complications of my condition. I loved it so much, it sorta felt like i had found a way around the "walker".

After time it became obvious that text was no substitution for face to face fellowship. God provided people who saw me for who i am through this disguise. I, now know chatting lacks whole dimensions of communication. Except it does offer the possible easy of communication the my physical state cannot seem to allow. In some ways it makes me sad and resent my disability for making everything harder. In other was it makes me feel very glad, that i do indeed have people who seek me out despite the effort it takes. 

Heres to the people who see through contorting skin. 
Heres to those with enough patients to drown apathy in love!
Heres to the people who learn God's lesson for the old, while still young.

I can learn a great deal from my fiends.


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