Current State

I am working on a bunch of songs at the moment.

Soothe is my completed song out for sale.

Arnafia is totally finished yet i need to redo the whole thing. I did it with cakewalk, but i lost the file for it so i gotta redo it by ear. I actually really like the feel of that song.

Magnificent Struggle will end up being someewhat like Soothe in feeling. I am really looking forward to making progress on it If Soothe isn't a warring song this will be.

Prayer is one I'm trying to convey deep contentment with growing joy. I have a plan for this song and is only a matter of doing it. Though i think the plan could change near the end

Rock The name of this song will be upgraded to something meaningful as soon as something hits me. Right now its my only attemp at something jazzy, approching something like rock. I am somewhat stuck on this song.

Today i started a new song, I ascribed to it a fist to the keyboard. I was in a hurry to go somewhere and i had to save it fast. so far it just a single harp. I think it might be something almost celtic, which is somewhat appropiate seeing as i have scottish blood in me. I have no idea what im gonna call it yet.

I have a ton of ideas for songs on my keyboard at home. I'm going for a 12 song album. Awwww squeak...


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