This will be an brief-ish account of my life and the role my disability plays in it. Praise the Lord!

I have cerebral palsy. I wasn't born with it like everyone else with it, no, i acquired it well after birth. I spent the first 18 months of my life as a "normal" little boy. I learned how to walk, and tool a clandestine stroll out to the pool. Unsupervised, i jumped in and pretty much drowned. It took 45 minutes for the paramedics to come and resessitate me. No one know how long i was unconscious in the pool before i was found.

I was rushed to the hospital in a deep coma that would last 3 and a half months. Pneumonia set in at one point and the antibiotics were noneffective, i was due to die before the next morning. My parents submitted my life to God, saying "If this is Jonathan's time, so be it." The morning came with a miracle! I had no pneumonia, i had no trace of ever having at all.

My Dad, along with my grandpas went to the elders of our church and ask them to come pray for my healing. According to James 5 14-15 they anointed me with oil and laid hands on me and prayed for my healing. God brought me out of the coma about a week later, i was not fully healed physically. Apparently, my mind was fully restored, guess i never had much to start with... :)

To be continued


  1. Keep writing, Jonathan. We wall want to hear your story - you are such a fine writer. Tell us the whole thing. I always enjoy our conversations - but writers have a special relationship with their readers. It's like sitting in two overstuffed comfortable chairs, and really connecting with the issues and feelings and perspectives - you've been watching all of us and listening for years. You have a powerful story to tell. You have opinions. You've made observations. You've got a lot to say. Not everyone reads. Ha! But those of us who do get the deeper, more complete picture. I am looking forward to your narrative. So keep on posting, good friend! You are a walking, talking, feeling, breathing, laughing, thinking miracle! Cut loose, my man! Ken

  2. This post came at the perfect time in my life. Thank you for sharing this, Jonathan.

  3. Praise the Lord Jonathan. Keep sharing your story. Healing is part of God's plan... brokenness is not.. I look forward to hearing about the many ways God will continue his healing in your life and mine as well!! love you bro! Deric


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