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I am going to try something I never done before. I want to write something everyday! I've realized recently that  i have something like gravity, pulling me away from being creative. Hiding in plain sight under the noble guise being unwilling to share lower quality things. In effort to shirk disappointment, i give up on projects prematurely, or i just neglect to start.

Having been created in the image of a creative God, i need to be creating stuff and whatever prevents that has to go. I have gifts and i'm unwilling to go on wasting them on inaction. I'm just going on the belief that the Lord will accomplish  his will regardless of my bleak qualitative self-perception.

The old testament Moses had a speech impediment as I do, and God used him mightily. This  blog is free of my speech, but it is tainted with egotistical and hypocritical tendencies. God choose me before the foundations of the world, so hopefully he'll purpose this effort as a good, and uplifting endeavor. What else can one do?

I justify myself like this, in case you have the same gravity i do. It's just a lie, go create stuff!


  1. I think theres a lot of people feeling that way right now. Go create! And watch this nice little video :)


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