more on reality

Tonight i'd like to explore the idea of reality and God's complete control over it. I like the use of the word reality because its all encompassing, like there is nothing outside of reality! Everything from a speck of dirt, to all of history, to your personal opinion of the cup of coffee you had this morning all sits spaciously within the confines of reality.

The theoretical side of this is, before the creation, God had to create the possibility for something to exist. No one can create matter from nothing, but God invented the nothingness too! It makes sense to me, how God can have ultimate control of our lives. He makes it so predictable things happen, and with science we explore these things. Lest we think he is bound by our perception of the natural, he modifies it before our eyes. My early years were riddled them! If you have an idea of who God is, this is ideal.


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