Scary painful blog entry

I have experienced pain in my life. Pain is one of those immeasurable, partly subjective and partly objective phenomenons. It's stupid and it hurts! I'm going to try to write on the fear of pain. I am partially qualified to do this because of the pain i've felt as a kid. I'm only partially qualified because i have a unique and definite view on the subject and i just down know if the experience of pain can be standardized enough for anyone to adopt another's paradigm.

The experience of pain should diminish the fear of pain. Such has been my experience. If you survive an event that is vastly more painful than any other, you shouldn't fear lesser pains. Sure, you're going to avoid any kind of pain, as is its utilitarian purpose.

Fear is my intended focus here, and i just don't think we should be afraid of pain. As christians we believe our soul are immortal and our second body will be immortal too. At very least no amount of pain will destroy us!

I'll be thinking about this for a while, in hopes to fill this whole thing out more. I invite you to share your insights, these are just my slightly informed ideas/opinions.


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