The super-reality

I've been working on a concept to describe an aspect of what heaven will be like. Heaven is a sort of super-reality! Everything we can't really perceive about ourselves and our world will be plain to us.

We will know exactly where thoughts and emotions come from. We will see and comprehend the spiritual realm, and own our authority of it. We will comprehend the structure of the universe and how Jesus sustains it. We'll see time and appreciate it's purpose, while being glad to be freed from it. Nothing will ever get old, creations will be appreciated endlessly without the drag of boredom. While we will go on creating boundlessly, and selflessly! This is the mere humdrum of heaven, the everyday stuff everyone's used to and doesn't care much about.

The centerpiece of heaven will be Jesus himself! I imagine doing things with him, like going hiking or sailing, or for that matter, flying among the clouds. Until someone can prove 100% we can't fly in heaven, we can fly in heaven! I want to hear him tell a joke, or watch him welcome a child into heaven. I want to build something with him and write a song with him. He is the creator of creativity! I very literally can't imagine what he has in store for me.

I think we know not the depths of joy and satisfaction that await us in the super-reality!


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    Hey Jonathan - GREAT stuff. Your prose made me smile. Flying in heaven. Think of it. We'll be there together - I'm anticipating it with you.

    Well, maybe the Ascension gives us a clue. The Book says he'll meet is in the air… up there in the clouds. So I'm countin' on it… all my life I've dreamed of flying… jetpack or ultralight or light plane or fighter jet… but as you imagine it… let's count on soaring… no machines necessary.. chasing around thunderheads and rainbows, clipping the mountain peaks, swooping into the valleys and tight turns through the canyons, then up to altitude for a bird's eye view.

    I'm in, bro. Super-reality.

    Keep up the creative writing, Jonathan. It touches all of us who take time to read and reflect.

    Your friend,



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