A new beginning

         I've got an idea. Those four words usually mean change and in my case, everyone who knows me dreds those words from me. I get it... I have big ideas that eventually get tempered by reality. Ha,  not this time! This idea is pre-tempered by practicality... maybe.

I'm gonna try to have a regularly updated blog. It'll be nicely presented and organized. I'm going to have my devotionals for my church appear here as well. If you like, you can support me on patreon.com.

As far as topics go, it'll be mostly a thoughtful reflection on life and how faith and theology bring order and hope. I might pepper in some goofiness here and there, and potentially some music I find particularly moving. 

I am co-authoring a sci-fi series with a good friend of mine, so potentially I could drop a few excerpts along the way. Thanks for spending your time here!


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